Laundromats With Coin Operated Machines Are Profitable

Published: 26th November 2009
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Coin-operated laundries can be gold, but the self-service operations still take a lot of hard work. This type of coin-operated business has an additional factor, retail sales.

But more important is the corporate image, brand. Deciding the location that suits your coin-operated Laundromat is very important, as the best name and the services you offer, but make a strong business plan and the plan for brand development is critical to your success.

Branding is not just an act, it consists of dozens of little things that shape your image and how the public perceives your coin-operated business. Your coin-operated business, physical design, interior design, signage, parking, indoor and outdoor lighting, card, stationery, mailing labels, website e-mail, yellow page listing, phone number, logo, website, web address, policies, staff, vehicle signage, coin, coin operated equipment, the condition of equipment, services, and the booklet are the pixels that up the complete image of your company and brand.

Coin-laundry machines were used in all kinds of neighborhoods in the 1950's to the 1980s, they were relegated to marginal areas and received a bad reputation as a meeting and hang-out place. Thus, many operators went out of business. In the last decade or so coin operated laundromat owners have reinvented their businesses. They looked outside of the industry to full food service.

If you decide to own a coin-operated washing machine business this may be the direction you want to go. When making your decision do not overlook the added services: snack, cold drink vending, dry cleaning services, video games, pinball machines and satellite TV. Providing vending services is a must and you want to provide this service internally. Restaurant / bar services are a bit tricky to start the, but keeping operation simple helps solve this problem for inexperienced operators. Install a meter system that automatically tracks keg beer sales: good bar food such as burgers, french fries. Or you could buy a hot dog vending machine, snack vending machine, cold drinks and vending machines and hot drinks vending machines frozen food full of frozen dinners, sandwiches and ice cream.

Need extra revenue has been found in beverage sales, hard and soft.

Builders have found that their tenants some times choose extra space in their apartments over a space for their own washer and dryer. Other developers have found that many people prefer to do their laundry rather than making several trips up and down stairs to their apartment. If you are going to have success in placing machines in apartment complexes you will need to submit your bid early on to the property; it is very difficult to reverse any of these contracts after the complex opened. You should also bid on the full range of snacks and cold drinks dispensers throughout the facility. A blend of both the laundry and vending machines work well together and can be worthwhile.


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